Shortest chess games

  • Fool’s Mate (2-move checkmate)

Fool’s mate is the shortest checkmate and can only be done by the opponent who plays black! White is put in checkmate with black’s Queen.

Pack out all the chess pieces on the chess board and then make the following moves:

1.f3   e5     2. g4   Qh4++ (White is in checkmate)

Q: How will you prevent Fool’s mate? Which 2 blunders did White make? Which move will you start first?

  • Scholar’s mate (4-move checkmate)

1.e4   e5     2. Bc4   Bc5     3. Qh5   Nf6     4. Q x f7++ (Black is in checkmate).

Q: How will you prevent Scholar’s mate? Which blunder did Black make in the Scholar’s mate? Which piece should Black have moved instead of Nf6?

Chess piece vulnerability

  • pawn on f2
  • pawn on f7

The squares on which the f-pawns (f2 and f7) start the games and the diagonals which connect the f2 and f7 pawns with the Kings are very vulnerable parts in the Opening Game! Why? It can lead i.a. to quick checkmates. See Fool’s Mate.

Q: Why will you not start a game with your f-pawn and g-pawn first?

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