About us

To serve our schools chess community

We have been serving schools chess on various levels since 1993 when our children started to play chess, at first on school and league levels and later on Western Province and Western Cape levels.

Our main involvement was planning and organising schools chess tournaments in the Western Province, (presently called Cape Metro), Western Cape and assisting at various National Schools Chess tournaments.

At present we are involved in organising schools chess in the District Cape Metro (Western Province) with our home base District North.

The pinnacle of our involvement in schools chess was

  • to establish the 4 WP (Cape Metro) schools chess districts in 2010 (first District North, then Districts North and East joint, thereafter Districts South and Central). The support at first was slow, but gradually schools chess grew from 200+ players at District level to more than 1200 players in 2017. The support from school educators and administrators was also very slow at first, but gradually grew until all 4 districts had functional committees.

At National (SA) Top Schools chess level we had the honour to facilitate the following 3 medal winning schools (Top 3 schools):

  • De Tyger Primary School (District North, WP) – 1 × SA Top Schools (Primary schools section). PS: De Tyger’s Girls team participated at the  2005 SA Schools chess Top Schools.
  • Eversdal Primary School (District North, WP) – 3 x SA Top Schools (Primary schools section).
  • DF Malan High School (District North, WP) – 1 × SA Top Schools (High schools section).

The core characteristics that stood out among the players from these three schools were their cohesion as a t.e.a.m. and their fighting [warrior] spirit till the very last move of each chess game – never to give up and never to resign! Still proud of you!

Attending many SA Top Schools tournaments since 1998 was an absolute privilege and a great experience – opportunities and experiences we will for ever cherish! During the USSASA years quite a few of our players were part of the USSASA A and B Western Province (WP) schools chess teams receiving gold and silver medals! Quite a few of our players have also received WP colours (Individuals) and Western Cape colours (Individuals).

We also have organised various chess teachers training workshops the past few years

  • to get chess educators on a basic chess knowledge level to help their novice players and to administer their school chess clubs.
  • to encourage chess educators to create chess clubs at their schools.

These initiatives can help to keep children from the streets and away from crime!

Our mission has always been

  • to organise schools chess tournaments efficiently and effectively (to start a tournament on time and to communicate info properly to schools and parents).
  • to make chess tournaments accessible and affordable for our less privileged communities.
  • to use chess as a tool in the battle against crime and anti-social behaviour.

We urge all schools, libraries, other educational institutions and outreach organisations to merge chess as an important part of their educational and outreach programs. The most important aspect of chess is not the winning, but the learning of valuable life skills such as planning, decision-making and thinking ahead. We also urge local governments and NGO’s to support local chess structures with much-needed funds to develop chess!

Quality service to our chess community

We deliver the same quality service supplying chess equipment to our chess community as we have done organising quality chess tournaments to our [schools] chess community!

Duty, honour, [schools] chess!

  • A chess set in every classroom in every school in every community – a child who can’t pay must be able to play!
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