4-Player chess sets

4-Player chess sets consist of

  • a vinyl roll-up chess board
  • 64 coloured chess pieces (yellow, green, red, blue, pink, purple, white, black – each set comes with 4 different colours)
  • a chess bag

These chess sets are a fun way of playing chess, especially amongst families and friends.

Good news for Moms and Dads: a 4-player chess set keeps cell phones and tablets out of reach for a while!

Basic game rules

In a 4-player game the players apply the same basic chess rules as in a normal game. Though there are many variants of 4-player games we’ll give you an example of the basic rules where 4 players play against one another (as individuals, not as teams):
  • the main goal is checkmate.
  • all the Kings are positioned on the black squares in the opening setup!
  • each player gets a turn to move (clockwise or anti-clockwise).
  • white starts the game (or another colour if there are no white pieces on the board).
  • if a player’s pawn reaches the 1st rank (row) of an opponent the pawn can promote to a Queen, Rook, Bishop or Knight.
  • a player can only en passant on the side of the opponent seated directly opposite.
  • a player can castle King side or Queen side.
  • if a player’s King is put in check he or she waits till it is his or her turn to move again.
  • when a player’s King is in checkmate he or she loses the game – the King is removed from the board, as well as the player’s remaining pieces (in other variants only the King is removed and the remaining pieces stay on the board and cannot move, but can be captured by the other players or the remaining pieces become part of the capturer’s pieces!).
  • example of points. The player of the first captured King gets zero points, the player of the second captured King gets 2 points, the player of the third captured King gets 4 points. The fourth player is the winner and gets 8 points!
  • players can also decide if they only capture opposite players’ pieces or any player’s pieces, eg. white only captures black pieces and red only captures blue pieces or white can capture black, red and blue pieces and the other colour pieces can capture in the same manner.

PS: When playing as teams (a team consists of 2 players) the checkmated King can be relieved by the captured player’s teammate – the player who was captured can then return to the game again! Teammates cannot capture one another’s pieces! If one of your team mate’s pawns block one of your pawns, you can change their places – this completes your move! As teams, the team who scores 2 wins or 1 win and a draw is the winner!

Players can design their own rules – the rules can be normal, outrageous or bizarre! However, keep the KISS principle in mind when designing the rules (“keep it simple, stupid” – do not make the rules too complicated).

The main goal is not only checkmate, but also to make each 4-player game a fun and enjoyable way of playing chess!

A chess set in every classroom in every school in every community!
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