Chess maths challenge

The opening-up of pathways in the minds of the “beginner-grandmasters-in-training”!

One can compare the brain of a beginner to the Brazilian Amazon jungle or the Jungle of Borneo – to make these jungles accessible for adventurers more pathways must be open up!

The same as with the brain – as more pathways open up the more capable the brain of the chess adventurer becomes to learn new chess concepts such as touch-move, check, checkmate, promotion, castling, j’adoube (adjusting) en passant (in passing), notation and illegal move.

As chess facilitator you can use the following quizzes to “open up more pathways” in the minds of the “beginner-grandmasters-in-training”! The opening-up of pathways increases the intellectual capabilities of the learners for the development of their chess skills as well as the development of important life skills such as thinking ahead, decision-making and planning.

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  • A chess set in every classroom in every school in every community – a child who can’t pay must be able to play !
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