Chess clocks


What is the purpose of a chess clock?

  • To track the time used by each player to make their moves during a chess game
  • To make sure that the players do not delay a game
  • To set a specific time limit (duration) to a chess game, eg. 30:30 (each player has 30 minutes to make his or her moves), 60:60 (each player has 60 minutes to make his or her moves)

The following digital clocks are popular amongst chess players and used at various chess tournaments on district, regional, provincial and national levels.

  • DGT2010 chess clock.

The DGT2010 is in full accordance with the rules and regulations of the world chess federation, FIDE.

This clock is a tournament favourite!

It has many functions such as a permanent memory for manual settings and larger displays that can display more information.

The Delay options are according to the Bronstein method.

Question: What does the Bronstein method mean?

  • It means that the delay time for the next turn is added on the clock’s display after a player ends his or her current turn.

The DGT2010 uses two batteries.

  • DGT1002 chess clock

The DGT1002 is an affordable chess clock and simple and easy to operate.

It has a bonus function – with each move time is added to the total time.

This clock is especially for school and home use, as well as for tournaments.

The DGT1002 uses only 1 battery.

Maximum number  2  2
Game timer Yes Yes
One time control   – Yes
More than one time control Yes    –
Indefinite time Yes    –
Time settings Yes Yes
Bonus settings Yes Yes
Delay settings Yes    –
Bronstein delay Yes    –
Maximum time 4 1
Hour glass Yes    –
Move counter Yes    –
  •  DGT960 chess clock

The DGT960 has the following features:

  • foldable.
  • randomly generate Chess960 starting positions (Fischer Random Chess).
  • game-time and move-time options.
  • bonus time (increments) and delay timing.

In each chess game you place your pieces in one of 960 different starting positions (an idea of former World Chess Champion, GM Bobby Fischer).

From the very first move a player has to think creatively – a player’s knowledge of opening theory will have an inpact on each random selected position.

The display of the DGT960 shows the symbols in which position your pieces have to be placed on the chessboard.

Chess960 is the only other form of chess (besides classical chess) that is recognized by the World Chess Federation (FIDE).

The DGT960 uses one button CR2032-3V battery.

  •  A chess set in every classroom in every school in every community!
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