Chess accessories

  • ChesSs T-shirts

  • Chess wrist bands





  • Chess cups

  • Chess badges







  • Chess key rings, neck pens, pins and fridge magnets

  • Chess key rings





  • Chess neck pens






  • Chess erasers





  • Chess pins

The above chess accessories can be used for a variety of applications or occasions

  • wear a chess wrist band to support your love for chess.
  • notate your chess games with a beautiful chess neck pen.
  • buy your Mom or Dad a coffee mug for Mother’s day or Father’s day or for their birthday or just to say thank you for their support at chess tournaments!
  • get your team in a real chess spirit by wearing a chess pin or chess badge – “I love chess”!

Proudly promote the sport and art of chess!

  • A chess set in every classroom in every school in every community!
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