Evaluation: administrators

Evaluation: Chess Administrators Training

Question 1

A large untrained resource structure can better prepare for a tournament than a small trained resource structure.

Question 2

The chairperson is only in an advisory capacity.

Question 3

development is about developing of administrator skills, whereas development is about management of resources and development.

Question 4

The event and project coordinator prepares tournaments and projects.

Question 5

The secretary handles all the administrative correspondence.

Question 6

The core functions of an administrator are to serve, supervise and assist the and to manage, control and lead the .

Question 7

Lessons learned from the past help you to better prepare.

Question 8

Discipline is a regimen that trains administrators to develop new skills.

Question 9

The treasurer keeps a proper bookkeeping system.

Question 10

The Chess Intelligence Process is a process of and analysing chess information in the chess community.

Question 11

When a committee prepares for a tournament, but the chairperson is unavailable for 30 days the committee cannot proceed with the preparations.

Question 12

Internal Control Systems, properly implemented, can ensure better accountability from all administrators.

Question 13

Which of the following is an example of an organisation?

Question 14

Preparedness and are crucial elements when preparing for a chess tournament or chess project.

Question 15

A [Schools] Chess Organisation administers its organisation policies, programs and projects.

Question 16

Not all the administrators on a committee have to be trained.

Question 17

Communication is a 1-way process whereby parents ask the necessary info from the administrators.

Question 18

A doctrine is what the administrators stand for.

Question 19

The arbiters and coaches coordinator assists schools with coaches.

Question 20

Which word describes logistics best?

Question 21

is when administrators are happy with how things are (contend with the status quo).

Question 22

Administration is the managing of duties and responsibilities.

Question 23

The PRO is a strategic communicator and anticipate, analyse and interprets issues and attitudes.

Question 24

Effective and efficient leadership instills faith and confidence in the chess chess community.

As a 'logistika' select one root factor and describe very briefly how you would apply it to prepare and be ready for your next chess tournament or a chess project or to start a chess club at your school.

The root factors 'Administrator Training', 'Resources' and 'Logistics' are required to prepare for a tournament or project. To start a chess club at your school you need to know the basics of chess teaching and how to organise and manage the club ('Educator & Administrator Training). You need 'Communication' to inform your schools chess community. The root factor 'Leadership' is required to lead your chess club or chess committee to accomplish its mission, goals and objectives. Effective and efficient leaders plan, organise, lead, control and communicate!


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